Pokémon Go – Weekly Update 26/06/17

Another week has passed, and more pokémon have been caught. I am late in writing this update due to the fact that I was away for the weekend in Rome. I do plan on posting these updates every Sunday!

So this week I have managed to find myself a lot of new pokémon. Most of this I put down to the fact that I went to Rome and got a lot of pokémon I don’t usually find back home.

So my new finds…

I think i found quite a few impressive Pokémon this week. A lot of these were unexpected and as I said previously, most of these were in Rome. Before I went away, I managed to catch a Tentacruel in the wild. I managed to get this while stuck in really bad traffic. While at home, I also managed to catch a Hitmonlee in my local park. It’s not a very good level, but a new catch is a new Pokémon added to the pokédex!

So while I was in Rome I managed to catch a lot more impressive Pokémon. I caught a Diglett which I had never seen at home before, as well as a few Exeggcutes, a Pineco and a Yanma. Now onto the impressive ones. While out to dinner we saw and Ivysaur pop up nearby. While my boyfriend sat at the table, I ran down to the pokéstop with both of our phones just to catch it. While away, we also managed to find a Wartortle, another rare find in my eyes. I was so impressed with both of these finds.

This week, raid battles were made available to those level 20 and over. (Eventually they moved down to level 5 and over). The first battle I did, I was not very experienced and was not entirely sure how they really worked so I put myself up against a Snorlax. I used all of my highest pokémon and got no where near beating him. This made me realise that I was definietly not up to battling level 3 raids on my own.

Instead, I have been battling level 1 and 2 raids with my boyfriend. We have yet to beat a level 2 raid but have come sooo close! Just need some higher level pokémon I think. We have been able to beat a few level 1 raids. From these raids I have got a Bayleaf and a Croconaw which I did not previously have. These raids have also given me some rare candies which I have given to pokémon that I wish to evolve soon.

Finally, my egg hatches. I didn’t really have any new hatches from eggs over this last week. However, they did play a big role in helping to evolve many of my pokémon…

This week I have managed to evolve a lot of my pokémon. I have evolved my Abra into a Kadabra, my Staryu into a Starmie, Chinchou into a Lantern, Horsea into a Seadra and my Wooper into a Quagsire.

I have also been able to get two new evolutions of my Eevee. I have now got a Vaporeon and an Espeon. These are some of my highest level Pokémon. I have also found out a way to evolve your Eevee into the evolution of your choice.

This can be done by renaming your Eevee.

  • Rename the Eevee to Sakura to get Espeon
  • Rename as Tamao to get Umbreon
  • Rename as Rainer to get Vaporeon
  • Rename as Sparky to get Jolteon
  • Rename as Pyro to get Flareon

This week is the one year anniversary of Pokémon Go. I can’t believe that it’s been this long already! To celebrate their one year anniversary, the creators are going to be introducing some special pokémon for us to catch. So far, it has been revealed that we can expect to find some Pikachu’s all over the world that will be wearing Ash’s hat! I will definietly be wanting to add one of them to my pokédex.

As I said before, I’m going to be writing these updates every Sunday! I look forward to writing about my new finds, evolutions and egg hatches in next weeks update.

Thank you for reading,

Vicky x


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