Pokémon Go – Weekly Update 03/07/17

Another weekly update on my Pokémon Go activity…and this week it is actually on time!

After last week this week has actually been quite dead for my Pokémon Go. I’ve hardly caught anything new since being back in Dartford, and have only managed to evolve a couple of Pokémon this week.

The only new Pokémon that I have managed to get hold of is the Pikachu wearing Ash’s hat. This was brought out for the anniversary of Pokémon Go, and they have been popping up everywhere. I plan on getting enough of these so that I can evolve one and get a Raichu also wearing Ash’s hat.


So, this week me and my boyfriend decided we would visit Bluewater shopping centre to do some Pokémon hunting and to also try out some raids. Once we visited a level one raid (the only level we are comfortable with at the moment), we noticed that other people had joined the raid. This made us realise that we would be more likely to be able to beat a higher level raid in Bluewater. We found a level two raid – we’ve been close to beating one of these before on our own – and as we expected, other people joined the raid. So from this, I have got a new Pokémon – Weezing. As I got this from a raid, it has great stats and is good in battle.


I haven’t hatched anything new from my eggs this week, but I do currently have a 10km egg on. I hope that this will bring me something good to add to my pokédex. However, although I haven’t really got much new in the way of catches and hatches, I have managed to evolve a couple of my pokémon. I evolved my Psyduck into a Golduck, and my Eevee into a Jolteon.

I am quite close to evolving some other pokémon, which hopefully I will be able to update you all on next week. I hope that there will also be some more additions to the one year anniversary of the game which I can also update on.

Looking forward to next week…

Vicky x


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