Pokémon Go – Weekly Update 10/07/17

Here is another weekly update on my Pokémon Go activity…

I have caught a lot more pokémon this week, which I am really pleased about! This has come from raids, catches and some more evolutions. I am yet to get anything new from any egg hatches.

This week, I have managed to find quite a few new pokémon. I managed to catch a Phanphy which I have not seen anywhere before. This popped up randomly and wasn’t a very good level, but any new find is good! Two other new finds were a Grimer and a Stantler. While out Friday night, I spotted a wald Feraligatr. I was so shocked to see this, but as I tried to click on it, my game glitched and I was unable to even attempt to catch it. However, my boyfriend managed to catch it.

I have taken part in a lot of raids this week. As we have been getting some better pokémon, me and my boyfriend are now able to beat level 2 raids on our own. We managed to get an Exeggutor and a Muk from level 2 raids. We also went around Bluewater and found some other people playing and came together to beat a level 3 raid. This is where I caught my Gengar. This weekend I hope to go to a local meet up where loads of us can come together and beat a level 4 raid.

Finally my evolutions. I have managed to evolve quite a few of my pokémon this week. I have evolved my Pikachu into a Raichu, so now I have one of them wearing Ash’s hat. I have also evolved my Nidorina into a Nidoqueen, my Slowpoke into a Slowking, Magnemite into Magneton, Voltorb into Electrode and my Meowth into Persian. I hope to eveolve a lot more this week!

I hope you have enjoyed my weekly update! I look forward to telling you all about more next week!

Vicky x


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